What is bemo? bemo is a decentralized liquid staking application built on the TON blockchain. It enables users to stake their TON tokens, earn staking rewards, and receive stTON tokens that can be traded or used in various DeFi applications.

What are the benefits of using bemo? bemo allows users to stake TON tokens, earn rewards and maintain liquidity. Users don't have to lock their TON tokens to earn staking rewards. Most importantly, they don’t need to choose between staking rewards and alternative DeFi opportunities anymore. bemo users can enjoy both: earning a commission by providing liquidity on DEXes or farming favourite project’s tokens while compounding TON staking rewards.

What are stTON tokens? stTON tokens are minted by the bemo application in exchange for the user’s TON tokens deposit. stTON tokens are burned after the unstaking is finalised. stTON tokens are value-accruing tokens used in the bemo finance system. Their value increases with staking rewards while their quantity remains constant. See stTON page.

How is the price of stTON determined? stTON price is calculated by a formula in a smart contract based on the total TONs deposited, staking rewards, fees, and minted stTONs. See stTON pricing page.

Can I unstake my TON tokens? Yes, you can unstake your TON tokens in the application anytime. However, there is a cooldown period of up to 72 hours. After submitting the unstaking request, you must wait for this period before your TONs and accrued rewards are released.

What happens when I swap my stTON for TON? When you sell or swap your stTON for TON on a DEX, you transfer your staking withdrawal rights to another user. This means you're converting your stTON into TON at the current Market price.

Can there be a depeg of stTON to TON? Fundamentally, no, because the stTON price is calculated by a smart contract, and each stTON is backed by TON tokens. However, subject to DEX liquidity and overall market dynamics, a Market price depeg is possible. That creates an arbitrage opportunity, as there is always an option to unstake at the Fundamental price in the bemo application.

What are the risks associated with using bemo? The main risk is the smart contract vulnerability. bemo takes various measures to minimize it. We undergo independent code audits, including audits by the blockchain’s core dev team.

How big is the bemo application fee? bemo charges a 20% fee on staking rewards, with 10% going to validators and 10% to bemo for protocol maintenance and future development.

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