Staking Experience Point Token

stXP is the Staking Experience Point Token that rewards every bemo user for staking their TON tokens. It is a preToken that will be converted into $BMO in Q4 2024.

We plan to allocate up to 20% of the total BMO tokens to those holding stXP. The greater your stXP, the more BMO tokens you will receive.

You can always check your stXP balance on the reward page of the bemo app.

Earning stXP

Consider stXP tokens to be virtual tokens within the stTON ecosystem. Every stXP earned contributes to the future BMO airdrop. Accumulating stXP is straightforward: stake, hold, provide liquidity, or swap your stTON. The more active you are, the more rewards you get.

Mint stTON

Deposit stTON into bemo to mint stTON. We will give you 1 stXP for each TON you deposit. For example, if you mint 500 stTON tokens with bemo, you will get 500 stXP.

This doesn’t include purchasing stTON on DEXs or receiving from other users.

Holding stTON

The most straightforward method to earn stXP is stTON holdings. When you have stTON in your wallet, your stXP balance will gradually increase.

All actions that increase your stTON holdings—minting, purchasing, or receiving—are recognized as stXP accumulation. Conversely, selling or transferring stTON ceases their stXP production.

stXP Holding Multipliers

stXP accumulation can be accelerated by multipliers, which are activated based on:

  • The amount of stTON in your wallet: 1000 stTON or more.

  • The duration of stTON holding: 3 months or more.

These multipliers are additive and could increase the stXP accrual rate by up to x2.

Swapping stTON on DEXs

When you swap stTON for TON on DEXs, you’ll earn stXP. The more you trade, the more stXP you collect.

Supported DEXs: DeDust,, Megaton.

Provide Liquidity with stTON

We reward you with stXP when you provide liquidity in the stTON/TON pair. By providing liquidity, you earn stXP for both stTON holding and liquidity in the pool, which is equivalent to a multiplier of 1.5.

Supported DEXs for Liquidity: DeDust,, Megaton.

Maximize Your stXP

There is no limitation to the choice of strategy. You are free to utilize any combination of methods to earn stXP and discover the approach that best aligns with your preferences and goals. Read the stXP earning guide for more information.

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