Incentive Rewards Program

Introducing the bemo Incentive Rewards Program

Enter Staking Experience Points (stXP)

Your engagement with the bemo ecosystem is now more rewarding than ever. Earn stXP through multiple avenues involving stTON tokens. Whether you're just staking, holding, or swapping it on DEXs, your actions translate to stXP.

Community Milestones for stXP Conversion

The accumulation of stXP is driven by two predetermined community milestones:

  • Milestone 1: Completion of a 12-month accumulation period

  • Milestone 2: Achieving 50 million TONs in total value locked in the app

Upon reaching either of these milestones, an automatic conversion process will be initiated, converting your stXP into $BMO tokens.

stXP to $BMO Conversion

The conversion of stXP to $BMO tokens follows a pro-rata allocation system tied to specific thresholds of TVL within the bemo.

As TVL reaches predefined levels, the incentive pool of guaranteed $BMO tokenomics allocation for stXP holders will expand accordingly:

  • 10% $BMO Allocation: Triggered when bemo TVL reaches 10 million TONs.

  • 15% $BMO Allocation: TVL of 30 million TONs.

  • 20% $BMO Allocation: TVL of 50 million TONs.

Track Your Rewards

Keep tabs on your stXP accumulation. Navigate to the Rewards section within the bemo app to view your credits, all tied to your unique TON wallet address activity.

Top Tip: Every action you take with stTON has an impact. Whether you Stake, Hold, Swap or become a DEX Liquidity Provider, you can track all your activities on your stXP page within the app.

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