BMO Token

Introducing $BMO, the native utility token of the bemo platform. While we're still in the process of finalizing the technical and governance aspects, it is already clear that $BMO will serve key initial roles:

  1. Governance Mechanism - Token holders will have a say in the future development and features of the bemo platform through a decentralized governance model. Via delegate voting, your voice and stake matter in the evolution of the ecosystem.

  2. Yield-Generating Asset - Beyond its governance capabilities, the $BMO token also serves as a yield instrument. A percentage of protocol fees generated by the bemo application will be redistributed to $BMO holders.

Full Tokenomics and details on the token design, issuance, and distribution will be transparently communicated in Q2 2024.

We are pleased to confirm that up to 20% of the total $BMO token supply is designated for distribution among our active users and community supporters.

Further details are outlined in our Incentive Rewards Program documentation page.

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