stTON pricing

stTON/TON token price is continuously calculated by the formulas.

Staking TON:

stTON amount = TON staked / stTON price

Unstaking stTON:

TON amount = stTON unstaked * stTON price

stTON is priced by bemo in TON tokens and is calculated by the formula:

stTON price = (ton_pool + staking_reward - bemo_fee) / ton_pool

ton_pool – TON tokens in the pool staking_reward – bemo validation rewards

The stTON app price accounts for the reward accumulated after each validation round.

Due to the nature of staking, the stTON app price is constantly growing. The staked token price growth rate equals the TON blockchain staking yield ex bemo protocol fees.

bemo application fee equals twenty percent of the TON blockchain staking rewards. The fee includes the validation and the application services and is charged after every validation round.

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