bemo benefits

We believe staking yield is an essential property of a native POS token. bemo liquid staking was created to promote easy access and widespread adoption of this risk-free yield on the TON blockchain.

To overcome the fundamental shortcomings of staking on the TON blockchain, we have focused on these features:

An easy-to-use app. bemo allows users to stake TON tokens in a UI-friendly application — no more need to have a technology knowledge base or experience running the validation nodes. Staking is just a click away.

No minimum stake requirement. bemo app allows users to stake any amount of TON. Though there are no limitations, users should consider transactional cost as it can significantly impact APY. We recommend staking from 10 TONs.

Liquidity preservation. We focus on enabling users to maintain their assets' liquidity while receiving staking rewards. stTON tokens are fully liquid and ready for transaction at any time.

Extra return opportunities. Using stTON tokens in DeFi, users can get additional returns on their assets, keeping the staking rewards at all times. bemo is actively contributing to the development of new products and opportunities.

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