stTON explained

The smart contract determines the price of stTON to TON after each validation round. It is calculated by adding the total TONs deposited and staking rewards, subtracting fees, and then dividing this result by the minted stTONs. This formula eliminates the need for oracles since the underlying asset and staking rewards are denominated in TONs.

Every stTON holder can unstake their tokens at any time, following a cooldown period of 36 to 72 hours. They will receive their TONs and the accumulated rewards.

stTON is fully backed by the bemo stake pool, ensuring there is no possibility of a fundamental depeg within the app.

The smart contract defines the Fundamental price, representing the intrinsic value of stTON. The market price is driven by supply and demand dynamics on exchanges where stTON is traded. Any Market price depeg creates an arbitrage opportunity as the unstaking option is always available on the bemo application.


You deposit 100 TONs into bemo finance, receiving 100 stTONs in return. The exchange rate is 1 stTON to 1 TON at the time of this deposit. TON Pool now consists of 100 TONs.

Over time, bemo accumulates a staking reward of 5%. This reward is added to the TON pool, increasing its total value by 5 TONs. As a result, the TON pool now contains 105 TONs.

However, despite the growth of the TON pool, your stTON balance remains unchanged at 100 stTONs. What does change is the value of each stTON. The value of 1 stTON increases by 5% to 1.05 TONs.

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