Frequently Asked Questions

What is $stXP token for?

$stXP is the bemo platformโ€™s preToken, which you will be able to convert to our governance token $BMO in Q4 2024. Currently, $stXP is the only way to invest in the bemo platform.

How many BMO tokens can you receive?

Subject to TVL milestones, we will distribute up to 20% of the total amount of $BMO tokens among those who have $stXP. The more $stXP you have, the more $BMO tokens you'll receive.

Does it have a monetary value?

Yes, you can sell $stXP for $stTON or buy it to increase your $BMO share. $stXP tokens are available for trade on TON DEX DeDust.

How to earn $stXP?

Start staking $TON with bemo. You will earn $stXP for every action with $stTON: minting, holding, providing liquidity, and swapping. Read the stXP Earnings section.

Minting vs. Holding: Which offers more advantages?

Stake TON with bemo app rewards you with stXP instantaneously. But holding stTON makes stXP grow over time, which could lead to greater rewards in the long run.

Should I unstake my stTON or sell them?

Selling your $stTON on a DEX tends to be more advantageous. This way, you convert your $stTON to $TON immediately, avoiding the up to 72-hour cooldown period associated with unstaking in the app and simultaneously increasing the $stXP reward.

Is it more profitable to hold or provide liquidity?

The answer depends on your $stTON amount. Large holders may find greater $stXP yields by just holding because of the multipliers. If you are holding under 250k $TON you would benefit more from the DEX liquidity provision.

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